Student Apartment FAQs

Find your luxury oasis of modern comfort with our brand new, student apartments near Kennesaw State University. Contact us to learn more about SOVA.

One of the most valuable parts of each student’s college experience is the development of critical life skills. Living off campus in our student apartments promotes independence and responsibility, and challenges students to take ownership of important tasks — from basic skills, such as cleaning and cooking, to more advanced tasks, such as budgeting time and paying bills. SOVA provides top-level off campus housing close to KSU that helps students transition from living at home or in on campus dorms to leading an independent and well-balanced lifestyle in luxury apartments. A central property location in the heart of Marietta and minutes away from campus make our student housing community ideal for college students.

Living in an off campus apartment and being responsible for yourself can be empowering. Accepting responsibility for another person or multiple people, however, can result in less-than-desirable outcomes. That’s why SOVA offers individual housing contracts. With individual housing contracts, residents are responsible only for their monthly installment payments on their individual bedrooms — they will not be held liable if a roommate fails to submit monthly payments or moves out of the apartment before their housing contract ends.

We want to make everything as easy as possible for residents. That’s why we offer individual housing contracts that span 12 months.

Residents can pay their monthly installments either online, using our easy resident portal, or drop off a check in-person at our leasing office. For ultimate convenience, residents can also set up automatic payments through our portal so they never miss a payment.

Yes! We want to make sure our residents are completely taken care of. To make their lives easier, we employ a well-qualified team of management and maintenance professionals on-site. We even have a 24/7 maintenance staff available in case of an emergency.

Yes! Whether you are a new student or new to the area, we offer complimentary roommate-matching services. The process is simple — residents fill out a detailed questionnaire asking about their lifestyle preferences, hobbies, and habits, and our team matches them with another resident whose answers align. Contact us for more information about our roommate-matching services or to start on your questionnaire.

We are pleased to be able to offer two different qualification options at SOVA. Future residents have the option of including a guarantor on their lease, essentially a financial cosigner or utilizing the Deferred Rent option in order to make sure all financial obligations can be met. Potential guarantors must meet minimum credit and income requirements, and sign the guarantor addendum to each contract. Contact our leasing office to learn more about guarantor requirements.

Deferred Rent is a second qualification option for individuals that are not able or interested in adding a guarantor to their individual lease contract. Deferred Rent is pre-payment of the last two months of rent for the lease term which will be kept on file for the duration of the lease in order to make sure all financial obligations can be met.

For the duration of your lease term, the total rent is divided into 12 equal installments. Each installment covers a portion of the total rent cost and is not dependent on monthly rental rates, eliminating the need for proration based on your move-in or move-out date.